In the zuerst game of The Women’s Cup, die reigning champions of France and Germany accomplish as paris Saint-Germain take away on bayerisch Munich.

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Photo von John Walton/PA images via getty Images
Bayern Munich success 5-4 on penalties after a 2-2 draw.

PSG 4-5 Bayern

Bayern 6- Glas scores! bayerisch win!

PSG 6- Khelifi off die crossbar!

PSG 4-4 Bayern

Bayern 5- Damnjanovic scores!

PSG 5- Dudek scores.

PSG 3-3 Bayern

Bayern 4- Beerensteyn off ns post!

PSG 4- Hurtre scores.

PSG 2-3 Bayern

Bayern 3- Magull scores!

PSG 3- Karchaoui scores.

PSG 1-2 Bayern

Bayern 2- Simon scores!

PSG 2- Diani scores.

PSG 0-1 Bayern

Bayern 1- Vilhjamsdottir scores!

PSG 1- LEITZIG SAVES! Bachmann through a disappointed kick.

FULL TIME: bayern Munich 2-2 paris Saint Germain

We space on to penalties kommen sie decide which mannschaft will play weil das the championship ~ above Saturday. Ns loser möchte head to the consolation game.

90’- Four minute of stoppage time. If there room no goals, us go to penalties.

89’- Vilhjamsdottir it s okay a shot, yet it walk across ns face von goal und out zum a score kick. PSG makes a trio of subs pass on Khelifi, Fazer, and Hurtre.

87’- bayerisch get a edge kick, but ns ref blows it tot for a foul in the box. Cost-free kick bei the boxen for PSG.

81’- bayerisch making their last three subs. Jakobsson renders her bayerisch debut. Glas and Vilhjalmsdottir also come on. Dallmann, Rall, and Asseyi do way.

74- PSG subs: Cascarino und Diallo come on for Le Guilly and Hamraoui.

72’- bayern get a couple von corners that come to nothing.

70’- Beerensteyn smashes a shooting that voll saves in the PSG goal. Magull played herstellung into space.

68’- Asseyi obtain a yellow card for in accumulation von fouls.

66’- bayerisch are making 3 substitutions. Magull, Damnjanovic, und Beerensteyn change Schuller, Buhl, and Kumagai.

62’- Däbritz sends in a beautiful complimentary kick for PSG, but dach Almeida isn’t able zu make solid contact on it. The ball goes out zum a corner.

57’- goal PSG. Baltimore sends in a edge kick, und Hamraoui heads it into to ns net to equalize die game punkt 2-2.

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PSG_Feminines! Kheira Hamraoui equalizes for the French club! #FCBPSG | 2-2 | #TheWomensCup

— the Equalizer (
EqualizerSoccer) ehrenvoll 18, 2021

55- Asseyi brings down a switch v a good touch. She dribbles into die penalty area und drops the pass zu Simon, but herstellung curling initiative goes over ns crossbar.

49- alert BERNI zu sein ON ns DRUMS!

Berni ist apparently getting in on die drumming. 12 beers an probably…

— Bavarian Football works (
BavarianFBWorks) ehrenvoll 18, 2021

46’- the second für hilfe is underway!

HALFTIME: bayerisch Munich 2-1 paris Saint-Germain

Bayern wollen be happy with the erste half. Castle controlled die majority of the match and were justly rewarded through two goals.

45+2- GOAL FC BAYERN! simon bangs a free kick off die crossbar, yet Schüller is on hand to head the into ns goal for the 2-1 lead!

FCBfrauen! nur like that, bayern have taken die lead! Lea Schüller with die header after ~ a stunning cost-free kick indigenous Carolin Simon hits off ns crossbar.#FCBPSG | 2-1 | #TheWomensCup

— ns Equalizer (
EqualizerSoccer) august 18, 2021

43- goal FC BAYERN! Schüller dram a ball wide to die edge von the penalty area weil das Kumagai who made a operation out of midfield. She zugriffszeiten a low cross behind ns PSG defense that just Dallmann can get to, and she passes it into the zurück of ns PSG net zum the equalizer. What a beautiful goal.

FCBfrauen! bayerisch equalizes courtesy of linda Dallmann.#FCBPSG | 1-1 | #TheWomensCup

— ns Equalizer (
EqualizerSoccer) august 18, 2021

40- Geyoro ist down for PSG. She’s getting treatment, but it aussehen like she going zu continue.

36- Rall gets booked zum Bayern. Baltimore had produziert beat again, und she nur tugged her shorts to pull produziert back.

35- Dallmann feeds a beautiful null to Schüller, but her shot goes just wide des the PSG goal. That was really a great play.

33- Asseyi gets through after a quick one-two, but die return pass zu sein just out von reach in the PSG box.

28- Simon ist down injured, yet it looks like she’ll it is in okay zu continue. Die teams take it a hydration break.

21- bayerisch come right rückseitig down the other end and nearly find ns equalizer! First, Asseyi it s okay a shoot off, but Le Guilly gets produziert body in the way and blocks a probable goal. Die clearance wenn out to Zadrazil outside die penalty area, and her shot nur misses.

20’- score PSG. Baltimore breaks down ns left flank and lofts a cross into die penalty box, and Katoto nails a header zu put die Parisians up 1-0.

PSG_Feminines! It"s Marie-Antoinette Katoto with the zuerst tally von this one bei Louisville! #FCBPSG | 0-1 | #TheWomensCup

— the Equalizer (
EqualizerSoccer) ehrenvoll 18, 2021

17- bayern have been controlling the tempo deshalb far an this one, but both political parties are continuing to be organized und neither have had any true chances.

8- bayerisch have PSG pinned back right now. Two edge kicks came zu nothing, but bayerisch keep possession and get a litter in. PSG ultimately recover and pick hoch possession.

5’- Some back und forth from both teams so far, but it’s still early and nothing zu show des it. Des note: former bayerisch midfielder Sara Däbritz gott the start for PSG.

1- The ball is rolling in Louisville together Bayern und PSG get underway!

Here’s Bayern’s lineup zum today’s match, and it’s our zuerst look hinweisen Saki Kumagai in the Bavarian jersey. She joined ns club this summer yet hasn’t played an any von the preseason games kommen sie date due to the fact that she was with japan at ns Olympics. Ns other 2 Olympians, Sweden’s Hanna Glas and Sofia Jakobsson will anfang this one on die bench.

Twenty 2 year old Janina Leitzig gets die start an goal today, and one would certainly suspect the Laura Benkarth möchte get die nod against the NWSL side.

Lea Schüller gets the start up top und should be a null of fun!

#Anzeige | #FCBPSG " #AllianzFCBWomensTour #MiaSanMia

— FC bayerisch Frauen (
FCBfrauen) august 18, 2021

Bayern Munich frauen has travel to ns United States und will be participating in the first edition of die Women’s Cup along with paris Saint-Germain, the chicago Red Stars, and Racing Louisville.

The four-team tournament was structured deshalb that die two American teams are an one semifinal und the 2 European clubs are bei the other. This assures that there will be weist least one American und one europe team bei the Final.

The zuerst match on the day möchte feature the reigning champions von Germany, bayerisch Munich, taking on the reigning champions des France, paris Saint-Germain. Complying with that, die match featuring two NWSL clubs möchte take place wie the chicago Red stern will take it on gyeongju Louisville.

The Bavarians room coming off von winning the Women’s French Cup v wins end Lyon und AS Roma.

It’s bayern time.

Match Info

Location: Lynn family Stadium, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Time: 4:00 nachmittag local time, 5:00 pm EST

TV/streaming: Paramount+, Find your Country

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