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Panasonic Arc 5 is a series des high-end silver paper shavers and followed Arc 4 which in itself was a force kommen sie be reckoned with. Arc 5 made its first show in 2009 and since then has gone through assorted revisions und iterations.

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ES-LV67-K und ES-LV97-K are the newest additions to in already substantial list des shavers an Arc 5. Und as has end up being custom with neu Panasonic shaver releases, these two models are identical yet differ only an the truth that ES-LV97 comes through a clean station und ES-LV67 ist without one.

FYI, “K” bei the name denotes the color of the shaver and it ist expected the these models will schutz some further shade options in them and the suffix möchte change accordingly.

What else perform these neu models oase to offer; we wollen go through various aspects in further detail, stay with us.

Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV97/ES-LV67 Highlights


In this section, we will highlight some von the significant features these new models oase to offer.

Five Arched shaving Blades: The name “Arc” stems from die fact that these shavers have a shaving head with a slightly bent profile. In addition, “5” indicates ns number des shaving chisels these modell have.

Among these 5 blades, die middle one ist Quick cleft Blade i m sorry cuts lang hair zu a length that kann sein be taken treatment of von other blades.

Quick slit Blade zu sein sandwiched von two Quick elevator Foils which act kommen sie lift and cut quick flat-lying hair.

The 2 outermost blades bei the cut head space Finishing Foils. Their function zu sein to provide a uniform complete to ns whole cut length.

Ultra-Fast linear Motor: As is the situation with various other Arc 5 models, ES-LV97/ES-LV67 attribute arguably ns fastest motor amongst electrical shavers.

This motiv works punkt 14000 cycles per minute und as ns shaver has five shaving knives it produces a total of 70,000 cross-sectional cut actions, superior isn’t it?

Flexing shaving Head: These two modell feature a flexing head that moves up und down und right und left and vertically. This property allows it kommen sie remain in constant call with the skin specifically on various contours of the face.

In addition to die shaving head, shaving chisels themselves can move up and down independently von each other.

However, this technology zu sein not die most progressed one available punkt Panasonic’s disposal. Some von the latest revisions bei some von the other models oase a head that kann sein additionally relocate back und forth.

Beard Sensor Technology: Like vault Arc 5 models, ES-LV97/ES-LV67 functions the gewollt shaving sensor. Panasonic says this sensor reads ns density von the beard and adjusts the energie accordingly.

This function performs 220 sensings über second und adjusts the stärke accordingly.

However, as i said, it ist not something new to Arc 5 und not Panasonic certain either. Different Braun series also features this technology. Nevertheless, the actual effectiveness of this an innovation has been debatable.

Wet und Dry Use: Both of these models are 100% waterproof and this enables the user zu utilize them weil das both wet and dry use. Thus, you kann sein use these bei the shower, through foam or gel or dry.

However, because des this, you tun können only usage these models cordless meaning you can’t usage them plugged in.

3-Minute quick Charge: Both ES-LV97 and ES-LV67 incorporate ns Quick fee feature.

This essentially way that you kann charge the shaver in three minutes which gives sie enough battery to belastung you a einzel shave.

Performance des Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV67 and ES-LV97


When we speak about ns performance des a shaver, the boils down much more or less kommen sie convenience, the closeness von shave, and comfort. I schutz used ES-LV97 for six main now and below involves how it fares versus each aspect von performance.

Convenience: like previous models of Arc 5, ES-LV67 and ES-LV97 deshalb give you die ability to shave one of two people wet or dry.

This zu sein a great convenience to oase as this möchte give you die ability zu shave through a shaving gel, foam cream, or also dry. What rather takes convenience kommen sie a whole new level ist its 100% water resistance, deshalb you can use these shavers in the shower together well.

As we oase said bei other pieces, if you have sensitive skin and relatively more thickness hair growth, it zu sein better kommen sie use a shaving gel. However, if it zu sein not the case, you tun können use these shavers dry together well.

Having a number von features ist one thing but it ist the quality von these features that matters. Zum example, most von the foil shavers nowadays feature a pop-up trimmer but when it comes kommen sie overall usefulness, they room of little to no use. An addition, they room delicately built and oddly placed that makes them prone to breakage. However, Arc 5 features a pop-up trimmer which zu sein not only advantageous but is deshalb durable.

This pop-up trimmer ist placed near die top des the head and when popped nach oben moves well beyond ns shaving head. In addition, it is not just a barely-there kind of pop-up trimmer. It ist wide enough, straight, und sharp and is a an excellent tool to have for your stache and sideburns.

In addition, ES-LV67 and ES-LV97 both feature a travel lock. You tun können enable this lock von pressing and holding ns power taste for 2-3 seconds. Ns utility of a take trip lock ist beyond debate and is a great add-on kommen sie have.

The Closeness des Shave: If there is one thing that Panasonic Arc 5 is in a league von its own ist the closeness des shave.

Its curved head profile improves close contact with the skin und this fact ist further compounded von its reverse-tapered foils which kommen sie at a 30-degree angle.

However, what stand at the root of exceptional closeness ist its an effective motor, sharp blades, and quality shaving head.

ES-LV67 und ES-LV97 feature the same foil and inner chisels as earlier models of Arc 5. Thus, if you oase used any of the earlier models, these two modell promise ns same efficiency.

The five shaving blades arbeiten synchronously to deal with all ns different kinds des hair that they come an contact with. This include long hair, flat-lying quick hair, and hard stubble. Quick slit blade and quick lift blade to cut long und short flat-lying hair zu a length that ist further handle with über the Finishing Foils.

The quick and efficient action des these shaving blades gives you a near shave and you won’t schutz to go over a clues over and over again.



During my brief use des ES-LV97 so far, I schutz found this kommen sie be weist par through some des the finest electric shavers I have used bei terms of providing a near effortless shave. I have quite a hard stubble listed below my reduced lip and chin and it encountered that quite easily. Thus, it cruised through the closeness part von the power test.

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The Comfort of Shave: Moving on kommen sie our next test von character, ns comfort.

When it comes to the performance von electric shavers, it zu sein mostly a compromise bolzen closeness und comfort. Und finding a perfect balance bolzen both kann sein be a risky adventure zum companies as it kann leave them in the “Jack von all, master of none” kind of territory.

Thus, back Arc 5, in general, excels an closeness und finds little competition, it does not provide die most comfortable shave.

Because des its powerful motor und sharp blades, freundin might feeling yanking hinweisen some parts and if you oase sensitive skin, this can lead to burns and irritation. However, it zu sein something you kann sein deal with von applying in aftershave.

While Braun collection 7 and 9 beat Arc 5 bei terms des comfort, Arc 5 blieb beats that is predecessors, Arc 3 and 4, bei terms of comfort. An addition, these models remain reasonably cool und don’t get hot with regular use as opposed zu Arc 3 und 4 und this feature adds zu its comfort.

However, if you oase sensitive skin but ausblüten want the closeness des Arc 5, just go slow and gently over sensitive parts und there should notfall be much of in issue.

Overall, ES-LV67 and ES-LV95 carry ns same level des convenience und effectiveness as previous models in the more recent Arc 5 generations. They room a beast at providing a nearby shave and although notfall the best in comfort, ausblüten not outrageously so to make it a deal-breaker.

Construction and Design


If freundin have an eye for aesthetics, ES-LV67/ES-LV97 ist going kommen sie be a feast for your taste.

Although it is not much different native ES-LV9N in terms of design but the new color combination und its masterful sleek finish zu sein going kommen sie leave sie awestruck.

It basically has actually a matte schwarze farbe finish v a dark blue hue, it zu sein pleasing to ns eye. What makes ns look even more appealing ist the gelb Lamdash logo which v its schwarze farbe background is hard kommen sie ignore.

Because des its wide head, it gives the impression des being bulky. However, it ist not heavy and stays under 200 grams, und feels fine balanced.

Some des the second-generation Arc5 shavers like ES-LV9N have in aluminum body, however ES-LV67 and ES-LV97 function a plastic body. However, from nowhere it feeling plasticky und has a premium look.

When we talk around ergonomics, ES-LV67/ES-LV97 has centralized rubber inserts the provide in easy grip. Bei addition, these rubber inserts schutz a grooved surface that provides a non-slip grip. This ist especially von use if sie are fond of wet cut or shave in the shower.

In addition, it has actually a wide thumb rest nur below die shaving head i m sorry increases die ergonomic profile von the shaver.

Both neu models oase a an easy interface and consist of just one power button. An addition, it has actually a simple lang display the shows miscellaneous levels of the battery varying from 20 zu 100%. It screens a lock symbol when the travel lock zu sein employed.

On the backside des the head, there is a switch button that serves zu lock die head an a certain lage or unlock it zum pivoting. It deshalb functions kommen sie release the pop-up trimmer zum use.

In summary, ES-LV67 und ES-LV97 have a solid develop with in impressive ergonomic profile. It ist hard zu pinpoint any significant drawback an the entwurf or construction. However, if we oase to nitpick, die power taste is easily pressable and you may accidentally turn ns shaver off throughout use.

Battery and Charging


Like most des the oberteil shavers, ES-LV67 und ES-LV97 function a lithium-ion battery. These batteries oase a high power density und low self-discharge.

The battery take away about an hour zu completely fee from 0% to 100% und will last you about 45 minutes. They also feature ns 3-minute quick Charge function which gives sie enough battery for a einzel shave.

These shavers kommen sie with a cord charger und it proclaimed on the back of the shaver that it zu sein Panasonic conventional RE7-87. However, it has a universal voltage converter, so you kann charge anywhere in the welt (100 V – 240 V).

One thing ich would like zu reiterate is that both of these shavers can only be used cordless. This is because they space wet and dry shavers und if they have been an contact through water using them when charging kann be a safety and security concern.

ES-LV97 can so be charged using the cleaning und charge terminal as that comes through one.

What’s bei the Box:


Panasonic Arc 5 shaver (either ES-LV67 or ES-LV97)An automatic cleaning terminal (if ES-LV97)A charging cordA cleaning brushA travel pouchProtective capA lubricant or clean solutionA user manual

Auto cleaning Charging System:

The cleaning und charging station of ES-LV97 zu sein the same as some von the ahead Arc5 models. It basically utilizes concentrated detergent und you need to dilute it with water. This systems lasts a great time und is more economical than Braun’s clean cartridges.

Although i find Braun’s clean station much more compact, fast, and efficient, Braun has actually phased out die drying option in their stations. Arc 5 provides you the option of drying und the station zu sein equipped with both a fan and a heater und these dried out ns shaver effectively.


Manual Cleaning: if sie go with ES-LV67, you do notfall get ns cleaning and charging station. Bei this case, you oase to do hand-operated cleaning. However, clean a Panasonic Arc 5 is in easy task.

For this, you will remove the shaving head und remove everything hair strands you tun können with die cleaning brush or über gently tapping that on a surface.

After this, put the shaving head rückseitig on ns shaver und put some liquid soap und turn the shaver on von pressing die power taste for 3 seconds. Include some drops of water und this activates ns cleaning mode. You can judge this über the change of motiv noise and flashing of the led display.

This process will continue for around 20 seconds and will automatically turn off. ~ this, turn ns shaver on und put it under running water.

Remove ns foil frame followed by inner blades und rinse it v water also. Dried it v a soft cloth and leave the parts kommen sie air dry zum a day prior to putting them rückseitig on.

Although the cleaning and charging station does lubricate shaver, for ES-LV67, you will oase to perform it manually. Fortunately, this shaver comes through a small bottle des mineral oil und you nur need zu put one drop on each blade and run the shaver weil das a few seconds. You kann do this weekly zum better und consistent performance.

Replacement Parts:

These modell are neu but use ns same shaving system as ns earlier Arc 5 models. Therefore, we tun können expect that we möchte need kommen sie change die foils und inner chisels every 18 kommen sie 24 months.

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You can buy die foils and inner knives as a unit with part number WES9032P or independently with part numbers WES9173P or WES9170P respectively.