Osprey atmos ag 65 test

Osprey Packs space quite popular around die town, known zum their rugged look, functionality und amazing design patterns.

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But, every Osprey backpack zu sein created zu serve a different purpose, every being ideal for specific the end activity. Picking a pack weil das hiking adventures can be overwhelming, together it’s a significant investment of money and also time.

If you’re wondering- zu sein Osprey Atmos AG 65 perfect zum me? sie are right where freundin need kommen sie be!

In a nutshell, Osprey Atmos AG 65 zu sein optimal zum backpackers, hikers, campers and every load hauler.

With hours von research, we’ve placed together this Osprey Atmos 65 review, so you’ll recognize every single detail about this fantastic backpack. And, you can then decide whether it’s right zum you or not.

Let’s dive into its in-depth review, but before here is our rapid review:


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Osprey package Atmos AG 65 Backpacking Backpack
Anti-Gravity suspension - feel like you are carrying less weight than is bei your packAdjustable harness and Fit-on-the-Fly hipbelt to dial in perfect fitFront big mesh pocket for quick storage des rain equipment or extra layersRemovable floating oberteil lid with dual zippered pockets and web attachment pointsInternal hydration reservoir sleeve accommodates up kommen sie a 3L reservoir (sold separately)
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Table des Contents

​Overview of the atoms AG 65Osprey Atmos AG 65 Review

Overview des the atoms AG 65


Osprey Packs are one von the leading players in the pack-making industry. They schutz been bei the game for more than 40 years now.

With the notion von making functionally-sound, durable und comfortable packs, Osprey continues to appeal backpackers bei all facets with your legacy und branding.

One such amazingly designed pack is their very-famous Osprey Atmos AG 65.

Equipped v Osprey’s inventive functions such together “Fit-On-The-Fly” i know well belt, ns “Stow-On-The-Go” trekking extrem system and removable lid, this verpackt will very nice novices too as jeden backpackers alike!

Atmos AG 65 is one von the most versatile packs that conforms to ns shape des your back und efficiently transfers load to ns lower body.

Who ist it for?

Weekend hikers, ridge-runners, or any adventurer for that matter is going kommen sie make many out von this functional backpack.

The Atmos 65 flaunts a revolutionary design, all credits kommen sie the new AG (Anti-Gravity) zurück system. This model zu sein deliberately designed for men, whereas Osprey’s “Aura” v a similar design is tailored zum women.

Boasting 65 liters of maximum load capacity, Osprey Atmos AG 65 zu sein ideal weil das 2 kommen sie 5 work of in adventure trip, but not more than that.

If you are a significant hiker, Atmos 65 i will not ~ be enough kommen sie haul all your gear needed zum long trips.

Osprey Atmos AG 65 Review

AG (Anti-Gravity) Suspension


Atmos AG 65– in which “AG” stands zum “Anti-Gravity,” ist the hauptsächlich highlight of this pack.

Such design features trampoline-style (suspended) suspension. You will find this feature bei many backpacks. Yet Atmos AG 65 go one action further and outshines the competitors. It is because, here not only its back panel ist suspended, but die hip belt & mesh harness zu sein suspended as well.

In various other words, the entire zurück panel has lightweight mesh extended right from the top up kommen sie hip belt, kommen sie provide can be fried comfort und breathability.

Revolutionary AG structure conforms kommen sie your back, thereby allowing unobstructed movements und amazing fit. Open-mesh, suspended rückseitig pad, i know good belt und peripheral frame are important designed to hug her torso entirely.

The i know well belt has its built-in tension, v which it fits approximately your hips snugly. Even when packed to die fullest, the Atmos won’t transition or throw you off balance weist all.

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“Fit-On-The-Fly” i know good belt has a hook-and-loop adjustment so that you kann sein customize its size as von your convenience.

One thing that stands the end about ns hip belt in Atmos 65 is its stiffness. That does notfall flop downward at all.

It’s fairly impressive just how such LightWire-tensioned, peripheral-wire framework suspension diffusion out fill evenly, making sie feel together if you’re carrying less weight than what is packed. Overall, this load transfer to die hip offers a nice and even feel, through no push points whatsoever.

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Improved Shoulder Straps

Unlike ns older model, new Atmos AG 65 comes v thicker shoulder straps around die shoulder area, which gradually end up being thin and perforated close to to ns chest area.

​Shoulder straps are made out des open-mesh, soft foam. Die padding on the straps feel comfy and supportive, without being auch soft to fold over.

Load Capacity

No doubt, Atmos AG 65 excels bei comfort, but only when it is loaded with about 40 zu 45 pounds des weight.

The frame und suspension des Atmos AG 65 begin zu feel heavy und unsupportive wie man loaded with much more than 50 pounds des weight.

If freundin are planning zu use this Osprey AG zum extended trips or want kommen sie carry more than 50 zu 55 pounds des load rather often, sie might want to look elsewhere!

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At 4.83 lbs. Weight, ns Osprey Atmos 65 AG is fairly lightweight verpackt as compared to its competitors.

​Even wie fully loaded, sie won’t feel ns weight, thanks to the amazing load transfer capability. Unlike few other backpacks the drag under from shoulders wie fully loaded.

Flap Jacket

The Atmos AG 65 has actually a detachable two-pocket floating lid. The comes handy, mobiltelefon when freundin don’t want zu take whatever with freundin while acquisition a walk far from ns camp. Just pack whatever sie need an this lid, und you’re every set to go.

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You kann sein even replace this removable lid through a Nylon Flap developed into die draft collar, to prevent within gear and minimize weight kommen sie some extent.

“Stow-On-The-Go” extrem attachments zu sein another thoughtful feature incorporated into Atmos 65. Anyone who carries trekking poles quite often zu sein going discover this useful.

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Atmos 65 zu sein offered in three size viz. Small, Medium und Large.

Its distinct “Fit-On-The-Fly” adjustment system allows you zu adjust ns shoulder straps vertically for up zu 4 inches, providing a perfect torso length.

Atmos 65 AG also allows i know well belt adjustment zum up zu 6 inches, thereby offering a customized fit und reducing press points.

​Regardless of your human body shape, the Atmos 65 is going to feel well-balanced, light and comfortable kommen sie carry!



The Atmos 65 AG is designed with a kind set of features, an array des pockets and proper top access.

Oversized zippered pockets on ns hip belt are fairly reliable zu carry items choose a small camera, GPS, phone und so on. Again Atmos 65 can be termed together one von the finest hiking backpacks, as these pockets kann sein be quickly opened und closed, there is no breaking her strides.Dual-side mesh pockets will accommodate your water bottles, either angled in forward position or put vertically. Hence, accessing them i do not care a breeze!Stretch mesh “beavertail” pocket lasst uns you save uneven items choose sandals, Frisbee, etc. Right behind this pocket, there space 2 large zippered pockets weil das precise organization.Zippered resting bag pocket at the lower side of the verpacktem comes with a removable divider. If notfall sleeping bag, you tun können store your dirty gear or wet rain equipment here together well. It deshalb has 2 zippered lid pockets zu store klein items and two straps that wrap over the compartment. These straps space designed kommen sie store role mats, foam pads, und other such items. If freundin want a succinct look, you kann sein remove these straps und tuck it up inside the rucksack. You’ll discover two ice ax attachment loops at the bottom des the verpackt as well.Front huge stuff-it pocket accommodates ns wet gear or wet rain startseite after die downpour has stopped.Osprey Atmos ist hydration compatible, featuring in internal sleeve that tun können hold up kommen sie 3L reservoir.The consisted of rain cover can withstand one or two downpours, yet it möchte eventually anfang to penetrate water inside ns pack throughout torrential storms.Osprey provides a rettung whistle on die sternum strap as a bonus.​To donate a much more streamlined look of the pack, Osprey provides sie with doppel upper und lower next compression straps to balance ns load.


​Well-designed Ventilation system​Excellent moving comfort​An array des organization pockets zum precise stuffing​Premium quality products used weil das construction​Adjustable shoulder straps und hip belt​Lifetime guarantee


​The rain cover cannot withstand hefty rains or stormy winds​Packs feeling uncomfortable wie loaded with much more than 50 pounds

Customer Reviews

Many client are des the see that Atmos AG 65 is an extremely functional und versatile pack, suitable for all backpackers.

Large access, myriads des thoughtful pockets, attachments points und AG suspension system is what provides it one des the best backpacking backpacks.

Unique AG system transfers fill evenly across the hips, shoulders and back, say users.

The comfort level und ventilation des this verpacktem work wonders, especially during warmer climates.

On the negative side, few users case that this trampoline-style suspension tends zu collect snow. Thus, sie cannot bring it throughout climbing trips.

Other than that, Atmos 65 AG zu sein a perfect choice to carry on basic mountaineering trips.

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Frequently request Questions

Q. Does Osprey Atmos AG 65 kommen sie with a guarantee?

Osprey Packs zurück all of their commodities with their very popular “All Mighty Guarantee.”

They offer a lifetime guarantee on all their products, covering you weist any time, for any reason.

Q. Where can you to buy Osprey package Atmos AG 65 from?

The Atmos AG 65 ist available zum purchase directly from their official website. Or, you can even buy it from Amazon.

Q. What is the price of Atmos 65?

The Atmos AG 65 has actually the preis range von $200 to $280, escape on the size you will select.


Osprey Atmos AG 65 review argues that this backpack reaches die pinnacle des support und comfort, despite being large.

Its rave-worthy Anti-Gravity suspension offers fantastic ventilation und keeps sweat off your back like a pro.

Massive external pockets, “Fit-On-The-Fly” mediate system und a plethora des thoughtful functions make the one of the best hiking backpacks.

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If sie haul tons quite often, ns Atmos AG 65 ist highly recommended weil das you. Avid hikers und trekkers are going to liebe the well-ventilated design of the pack.