20 Mistakes fans Completely Missed in Orange is The New schwarze farbe Long-running shows prefer Orange is the New schwarz tend zu make a gewächs of mistakes. Right here are part that even die series" biggest fan missed.

Orange ist the New schwarz season 6 crucial art
Today, Netflix zu sein home kommen sie a plethora des original content. Netflix was founded an 1997, yet didn’t start releasing original content until 2013. Netflix zuerst released House von Cards the year, followed by Hemlock Grove, and then Orange ist the neu Black. While their first two shows schutz ended, Orange zu sein the New black has to be renewed for a seventh season. Despite the nur was initially based on the book Orange zu sein the new Black: mine Year in a Women’s Prison über Piper Kerman, letztere seasons started taking an ext liberties und stepping far from die source material. Like every TV show, Orange zu sein the New schwarz has had its good seasons und bad seasons, yet many people oase enjoyed ns show zum the tonnage five years.

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The show und the plenty of talented actresses who portray characters have been nominated zum several golden Globes und even won a handful of Primetime Emmys. Despite ns show’s clear popularity, though, there are certain elements des the zeigen that don’t make sense und have left civilization scratching your heads. When many of these mistakes space due zu plot holes, there room even more continuity errors that schutz taken place in the tonnage six seasons. Many of these mistakes slip von even eagle eye viewers und don’t really affect die plot von the show, yet they are blieb mistakes none ns less.

With that said, right here are the 20 Mistakes fan Completely let go In Orange ist The new Black

Orange ist the new Black
Judy King zu sein a complicated character on Orange ist the neu Black. She is zuerst introduced in season 3 episode 4, although she no become in inmate des Litchfield Penitentiary until the end of die season. King isn’t like most inmates, however, because she ist often treated with celebrity status, given herstellung previous arbeit as a cooking show host. She zu sein eventually given produziert own angestellter room weist Litchfield und even gets to enjoy seltzer water.

In one von the scenes in season 4 illustration 12, produziert bottle des seltzer water kann sein be seen to be about as complete as the letters on ns bottom of the bottle, but then she drinks some and even pours some right into a cup. This causes ns level in her bottle to go down, but in later shots, that goes zurück to where it was before.

Orange is the New schwarz season 3 overview
One von the hauptsächlich complaints people have about Orange ist the New black is ns timeline of events. Back Piper Kerman was incarcerated bei 2004, ns show’s Piper Chapman enters prison in 2013. When this was likely just so that die filmmakers didn’t have to keep up with trying kommen sie make the series fit into an early 2000s time frame, the nur can’t also keep present events straight.

In season 5 illustration 1, a security mentions the san Bernardino shootings, which take it place an 2015. However, if Piper was only in jail zum 13 months, this would oase meant the season 5 takes place around september or October 2014. It provides sense zu not schutz the show take place in 2004, however it doesn’t make any type of sense to notfall keep the current timeline in order. 

Orange zu sein the new schwarze farbe season 6
also though season 5 only takes place throughout three days, a gewächs takes place an those three days. After the police regain control von the prison, ns guards are sent zu do a count des all des the inmates that oase been captured. Throughout their count, it zu sein decided the ten inmates space missing, however their count really should have been eleven people missing.

There were ten inmates hidden bei the schwimmbad bunker, but Pennsatucky and Chang deshalb escaped, i m sorry would have brought the total missing zu twelve. The being said, linda was counted as an inmate also though she wouldn’t have been on die list, i m sorry should have brought ns total rückseitig to eleven missing. 

17 Piper’s Fish Tattoo

Orange zu sein the New black Piper Complaining
in both movies and TV shows, offering a character a tattoo ist often a difficult task since die tattoo will schutz to be applied everyday des shooting. If die tattoo isn’t attracted or positioned the same way it was in other takes, people wollen notice und call out die filmmakers on die difference. The being said, zum Orange ist the new Black, Piper’s fish tattoo disappears completely.

During season 1 des the show, Piper is shown in a flashback obtaining a fish tattoo top top the zurück of her neck. While die makeup department did a decent arbeit of recreating the tattoo zum each episode des the show for the first season, ns tattoo seemed zu completely disappear über season 2. 

plenty of horrific occasions took ar during the riot an season 5. Countless guards were tortured über the inmates und forced to do dehumanizing acts. One extra despicable point that ns inmates did was refuse zu give co Davis his insulin shots. Davis pleaded with the inmates the he needed his insulin since he has diabetes, but ns inmates refused kommen sie give him his medication.

Davis showed up to schutz less energy than die other Correctional offizier since he wasn’t offered his insulin, yet after the guards are fed ns scraps und garbage from ns cafeteria, Davis seemed kommen sie be nur fine. Season 5 follow me over 3 days von the riot, however Davis never again pointed out his diabetes or experienced from hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia.

15 Alex’s Wine

ns relationship bolzen Piper and Alex zu sein one des the most facility relationships on die entire show. They walk through number of love/hate phases bei their relationship, yet they are at this time married on ns show. That being said, in season 2 illustration 11, the show contains a scene where Alex zu sein on die outside talking zu Piper, that is in prison.

Alex can be viewed drinking a glass von wine when she ist on the phone. In one shoot she goes zu look out ns window und her glass ist completely empty. In the an extremely next shot, however, herstellung glass has actually one more an it, which she climate drinks. Unless produziert glass can magically refill, this ist just another continuity error. 

sachen get ugly bolzen Maria Ruiz und Piper in season 4. During ns season, Piper beginning a used panty business inside die prison walls. When maria sees what Piper zu sein doing, she starts herstellung own business instead des joining Piper’s venture. This beginning a war betwee the two characters, which ends through Piper being branded über Maria in season 4.

In ns horrific scene, Piper zu sein branded von Maria on herstellung left arm. That being said, in season 6 illustration 9, it is clearly viewed that Piper has actually a scar native Maria’s brand on produziert right arm, not herstellung left. To schutz the scar shift up or down produziert left arm would have been one mistake, but having it jump to produziert other arm completely seems like a substantial mistake. 

13 zu sein Coates really A Judas priest Fan?

One von the unhealthiest relationships in Orange zu sein the New schwarz is die one betwee Charlie Coates und Pennsatucky. In season 4 episode 8, Pennsatucky und Coates room talking about time travel. Pennsatucky asks ihm what that would do if he can time travel, und he says he would go zurück to 1999 to seen Judas Priest in concert.

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He tells produziert a story about how he got too intoxicated to go to the concert und he ended trost missing mantel Halford on stage. The being said, in 1999, mannschaft “Ripper” Owens was the lead singer of Judas Priest, not Halford. That being said, zu sein Coates yes, really a Judas monk fan, or zu sein this just another case von the writers notfall doing your research?

kugel Baxter Bayley is played von actor Alan Aisenberg. The character was zuerst introduced bei season 3, and was belastung seen an season 5. Die guard is seen together one of the nicer correctional officers und even helps Piper smuggle die used underwear out des the prison zum her panty business. That being said, Bayley was responsible weil das Poussey Washington’s passing, which emerged during season 4.

During season 4, his nennen tag reads "C. Bayley," but an season 5, it changes zu "B. Bayley." bei season 5, Bayley goes on a self-destructed course, as ns guilt of Poussey"s demise begins to kommen sie over him. While Bayley no seen at all in season 6, it is possible the he could return zum season 7. 

11 Janae’s Flashlight

Janae Watson was a next character who was seen during the zuerst five seasons des the show, but was missing once produziert friends were sent to Max. She was imprisoned for armed robbery and was deshalb bunkmates v Poussey Washington zum the zuerst four seasons. One of herstellung earliest continuity errors comes during the zuerst half von season 1.

In season 1 illustration 7, Janae is talking to Piper on the ground and has a flashlight bei her hand. In one shot, ns flashlight ist on and facing up in her hand, but in the following shot, ns flashlight ist facing down. Die mistake doesn’t change ns impact of the scene weist all, yet it is blieb a strange continuity error. 

while Orange zu sein the New schwarze farbe has had several continuity errors throughout the show’s six seasons, one von the more quickly mistakes came during ns series premiere. Early on in the episode, Piper ist sitting in her restroom crying und you tun können see the she has a runden on her right hand and her engagement ring on her left hand.

When she goes kommen sie wipe produziert eyes through toilet paper und the camera switches to a closeup, Piper is still wearing the runde on her right hand, however her engagement isn’t on her left hand anymore. Then, in the complying with shots, her engagement ring is rückseitig on her left hand once again. 

9 was Mercy actually Released?

Mercy Valduto had a very small role bei Orange zu sein the new Black. She is played von Katie Iacona, und the actress ist only credited weil das being bei the zuerst episode of the series. During produziert stay weist Litchfield, she became romantically involved with Tricia Miller, that passed far a few episodes later. In the zuerst episode it is established the Mercy was released... Or was she?

In season 1 episode 8, Mercy kann sein be checked out sitting at a table that maria comes to sit at. While ns character was definitely released in the series premiere, her character showing up bei a letztere episode is just a continuous error. It ist likely that ns scene was filmed as part von the series premiere, yet was danach added zu a various episode instead. 

Sophia and Mendoza have a complex relationship, especially due to the fact that their young sons are friends. This becomes in issue betwee the 2 inmates since they often blame every other zum their children misbehavior. At the same point bei the series, Red was struggling with the fact that the prison food had become basically inedible.

While Red was talking kommen sie Mendoza about the lunches, ns side des Sophia’s hair can be seen zu be quite long. However, after ~ Red and Mendoza finish their conversation and speak to Sophia, produziert hair is now shoulder-length. Sophia may schutz been the beauty guru within the prison, but even she couldn’t schutz cut herstellung hair that fast. 

7 ns Missing Extras

Orange ist the New schwarze farbe shows the character’s leben inside die prison, but viewers are deshalb treated kommen sie their backstories, which space told v flashbacks. Red was the basis of die flashback zum season 1 episode 2. An the episode, Red zu sein shown jogging through some women who she thinks are produziert friends, however really want nothing kommen sie do through her.

During their walk in the park, there are several extras bei the background with others jogging und people sitting on die bench. When ns women call Red the they space cutting die walk short and Red stops jogging, ns camera gives fans a broad shot of part des the park. Ns only problem is the several von the extras who were an the park previously are jetzt nowhere to be seen. 

Julie Lake’s character Angie Rice was one character from Orange ist the New schwarze farbe who was present zum the first five seasons, but was abandoned in season 6. The character regularly hung out through Leanne Taylor, who was played über Emma Myles. Angie was more of a side character, but she was blieb at the center of a continuity error in season 3.

In season 3 episode 6, Angie tries kommen sie smuggle cake out des the cafeteria deswegen that she kann have a so late night snack. Wie she tries kommen sie leave die cafeteria, she puts her tray an the container above the garbage can, but when die guard sends out her back to herstellung table, die tray is back where she was sitting. 

5 ns Mysterious Spring

for the most part, Orange ist the New schwarze farbe doesn’t usage a gewächs of one-of-a-kind effects. The show zu sein mainly a drama, which way that the program doesn’t really call for many effect sequences. That being said, bei season 1 episode 7, Flores finds that produziert contraband cellphone ist missing from the wall bei the bathroom whereby she had actually been hiding it.

Piper had actually been the one to steal herstellung phone, but notfall knowing this, Flores destroys ns stall leaving ns door broken and the wall surfaces damaged. When die scene zu sein over, ns camera tilts under to zeigen the destruction and a metal spring kann sein be seen duck tape-recorded to ns stall wall. This was likely used so that the door didn’t damage ns other part of the stall, but it also should oase been gotten rid of before die camera tilted down. 

plenty of characters in Orange zu sein the New schwarze farbe have tattoos. Some of these characters get their tattoos in prison, while others entered the prison with theirs. Alex Vause zu sein one des the hauptsächlich characters that happens to also have a few tattoos. One of herstellung tattoos zu sein a salt shaker, which zu sein located on produziert left shoulder blade.

While fans ausblüten don’t know the meaning behind ns tattoo, it is obvious that the tattoo alters positions throughout the show, especially in the zuerst season. Ns tattoo commonly has die top von the salt shaker pointed up, however a few scenes in season 1 zeigen the salt shaker’s cap zu be totally slanted to die right. Keeping a tattoo from becoming a continuity verfehlt is a tough job to do, but this mistake just seems too obvious. 

3 Gloria’s lieferung to D-Block

One des the best plot points in season sechs was die oncoming war bolzen C-Block and D-Block. Both blocks room home zu one von the two Denning sisters, Barb and Carol. Ns sisters oase hated each other zum a long time, which has caused tension betwee the two blocks. Gloria was part of C-Block wie man she got put an Max, however Joel Luschek was may be to transfer her to D-Block due to the fact that he thought it would assist her.

When gloria is pleading v the wiese to not lieferung her to die other block, she can be watched holding a small container of produziert belongings. After die door to D-Block ist opened and she ist sent in, though, she is then zeigen carrying a huge bag of produziert laundry and other belongings. 

wiese McCullough was one des the safety who was held versus their möchte during die riot. After ns riot was over and she returned kommen sie work, she had actually some form of PTSD the she is blieb currently handle with. In season 5, it is established that her erste name is Artesian, but in season six, produziert uniform states "B. McCullough" for some reason.

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It zu sein unknown why herstellung name tag would ever before say this since her name start with bei "A,"so this zu sein likely nur a continuity error. The being said, if she returns zum season 7, she might get a name change, but that would certainly then result bei yet another continuity error. 

1 Larry and Cal’s Cooking

Larry, Piper’s husband, and Cal, Piper’s brother, don’t share a lot of screen time. In fact, jason Biggs was only a taste character on die show for the zuerst two seasons. The being said, quickly after Piper was incarcerated, Larry und Cal room seen bei the forest hanging out und cooking some warm dogs.

When they sit down and start talking, Cal is holding a curved stick kommen sie roast his hot dog, while Larry has a straighter stick. The being said, during ns entire scene, ns sticks switch betwee Larry und Cal. In some shots, Cal will oase the bent stick, while an other shots, he will have the straight stick that Larry was previously using. 


Are there any kind of other failure in Orange ist the new Black that sie noticed? Let us know an the comments!