Many Orange ist the New schwarz characters schutz dealt through their fair share von suffering transparent the prozess of ns series. However, i doubt you"ll find anyone who"s been treated an ext poorly 보다 Sophia Burset, played von Laverne Cox, particularly throughout the tonnage year. Zum those of you who are having a difficult time psychic what happened zu Sophia an Orange is the New black Season 3, let me help kommen sie jog her memory. Basically, it all started when Sophia"s wife, Crystal, began letting Gloria"s son, Benny, acquire a ride with michael to school. At first, everything was going fine. Sophia and Gloria were even bonding end how tough it zu sein to be far from your sons. But, then Sophia noticed a bad change bei Michael"s behavior und immediately accused Benny des being a badewanne influence.

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Obviously, this didn"t walk over well with Gloria, especially after the turned out to be the other means around. Benny wasn"t the bad influence at all. Michael was. Things grew nice tense bolzen the 2 inmates from climate on und fully escalated wie Sophia momentarily lost her temper und shoved gloria into the bathroom wall. Shortly afterward, transphobic rumors started circulating about Sophia und even resulted bei her gaining attacked über a gruppe of inmates in her salon. But, wie she went kommen sie complain to upper administration about die lack von security weist Litchfield, she ended up getting sent out to ns SHU "for herstellung own protection" and has pretty viel remained there ever before since.

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Right now it"s unclear exactly how Sophia"s situation will improve (or worsen) now that die prison has end up being a "for-profit" establishment. Will she be bei even an ext danger with some des the newbies? wollen she ever before be let out von the SHU? weist this point, it"s hard zu say, yet this zeigen has done a good job deshalb far des highlighting die injustices transgender inmates kann sein face, which is in extremely important and highly unexplored topic, dafür I"m hopeful produziert character wollen be getting a kind amount des screen time in order zu further share Sophia"s story.

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It have to be stated that gloria did feel extremely bad about what happened kommen sie Sophia in the end und never intended weil das it to go that far. But, jetzt that a neu regime is coming an (along with some new and incredibly typical looking guards), I"m not sure if anyone has actually the energie to help Sophia the end of her current situation. Let"s nur hope she"s able zu find a means out des this jail within a prison und get ns justice she deshalb deserves.