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Spoilers ahead zum the series finale of Orange ist the new Black. If freundin haven’t finished Season 7, don’t read on!

After seven lang seasons of streaming, Orange ist the neu Black has finally served its time on Netflix. Jenji Kohan’s prison drama broke new ground together one des the zuerst original reflects to kommen sie from the streaming service, und OITNB quickly came to be a phenomenon. Ns final season delivered conclusions und tons des plot twists, but fan have a couple of questions following die series letzte “Here’s wherein We acquire Off.” the chief question among them being: did Piper and Alex ende up together?

Season 7’s finale saw the two inmates seemingly break up, together Alex was transferred kommen sie a facility in Ohio. But die final shots von the collection added to some confusion, as Piper was seen visiting produziert at the new prison. Deshalb did they ende up together, or was it just a friendly visit? Laura Prepon recently spoke zu the letzte saying:

You have to perform that. Who knew what was going zu happen with the fact the we execute go against so many norms on this show. Truthfully, ich didn’t recognize if Alex and Piper were going to end up together. But i hoped, because you want them to be together. You"ve invested all this time with these women — die good, die bad und the ugly von the relationship. Piper and Alex schutz gone through deshalb much. Freundin want to lakers them together und you want fans to feel fulfilled. The would have been bei injustice zu not oase them with each other at the end. I’m yes, really glad that that happened.

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The last montage des Orange ist the neu Black may schutz left that vague as to whether or not Piper und Alex ended trost together, however Laura Prepon seems kommen sie be sure des their fate. She claims they ended up together bei the end, meaning that Piper most likely moved zu Ohio to direkte somewhere near herstellung partner. Sorry, Zelda, you"re going to need to find a new gala date.

This news might be somewhat surprising zu fans, considering exactly how Season 7"s finale went down for the old couple. When Alex uncovered out she was being transferred out of Litchfield, she broke hoch with Piper seemingly forever. Die two characters wept and said goodbye, and it seemed like Pipes lastly lost Alex weil das good.

The last sequence made it seem like taylor Schilling"s protagonist was going kommen sie head up kommen sie meet Zelda. Weist least, until Piper und Alex were bezeichnen laughing v each various other as ns screen faded kommen sie orange one tonnage time.

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Later bei her conversation v THR, Laura Prepon was asked what she thinks the future holds zum her character and Piper. Ns "70s Show alum said:

Well, Alex und Piper end up together. Ich think castle both learned a lot from these years in prison and they’ll take that with them. I’m hoping the they use that to treat each other a gewächs better, i beg your pardon I’m sure they will. Because punkt the end of ns day, love zu sein love ist love. Und Alex and Piper liebe each other, deswegen you just figure it out.

That"s certainly hopeful. Not every character in Orange ist the neu Black got a glücklich ending, in fact many des Litchfield"s most beloved prisoners didn"t fare an extremely well. It was a bitter sweet collection finale, with Daya"s life und Alex and Piper"s partnership seemingly left ambiguous. But die actresses have cleared up die truth, with Laura Prepon i was sure that herstellung signature character got a happy ending with her wife.

All 7 seasons of Orange is the new Black are now streaming ~ above Netflix. In the meantime, inspect out our fall premiere list kommen sie plan your following binge-watch.

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