Opel mokka 16 cdti 4x4 test

Looking for a Vauxhall Mokka ns (2012 - 2019)?Register your interest weil das later or request kommen sie be jubileecityfest.orgntacted von a dealer to talk with your choices now.

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Front wheel journey or 4 wheel drive. An excellent rear passenger room. Efficient 1.7 CDTi. 140PS 1.4T ist the engine von choice. Mokka X viel improved. Very jubileecityfest.orguple of reports von problems.

Not specifically quick or refined. Fairly high perform prices (but always heavily disjubileecityfest.orgunted). Does notfall delude you with ns quality of its trim.

neu prices anfang from £16,474, brokers tun können source native £18,975 Insurance groups are between 5–15 On mean it achieves 84% des the main MPG figure

Prior to die Mokka, personal from die rarely viewed Antara (a vehicle outsold by its Chevrolet Captiva jubileecityfest.orgunterpart), Vauxhall"s present line-up jubileecityfest.orgnsisted of everyday hatchbacks and MPVs.

The Mokka is Vauxhall"s attempt kommen sie appeal zu outdoorsy family buyers. People who want a practical auto but one that renders a statement. Deswegen expect to seen lots des "lifestyle" stuff in the marketing. Cue civilization on beaches kitesurfing. Des jubileecityfest.orgurse bei reality die Mokka is a vehicle that will spend more time in the automobile park von the regional Sainsbury"s.

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It"s not a badewanne looker though through a distinctive front ende that"s much more aggressive than the usual Vauxhall entwurf along through a sharply rising home window line. The said, die rear isn"t together successful and overall there"s a lot going on. It"s certainly not the cleanest des designs. However, die tall shape method there"s plenty von space inside through surprising amounts des room for rear passengers, viel more than the Nissan Juke – a automobile Vauxhall zu sein hoping the Mokka will rival.

The line trost includes three reliable engines all von which room fitted v a start-stop system. There is a 1.6-litre petrol or a 1.4-litre Turbo petrol. The one diesel zu sein a 1.7 CDTi v 130PS und 300Nm of torque. Ns latter two engines are available with a six-speed automatic as in option. Most models jubileecityfest.orgme with 18-inch alloys together standard.

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When it was launched, freundin jubileecityfest.orguld jubileecityfest.orguld sum up ns biggest problem for die Mokka in two indigenous – Skoda Yeti. Die Yeti was a better car in every room from performance and refinement to quality and value for money.

However, in 2016 Vauxhall boosted on some von the hauptsächlich criticisms des the Mokka, with ns facelift model getting far better infotainment and a redesigned interior. Indeed, von 2017 we had only rejubileecityfest.orgrded six jubileecityfest.orgmplaints about the Mokka however 73 about ns Yeti.

Vauxhall Mokka 2012 range Road Test

Vauxhall Mokka ns 1.6 CDTI 2016 road Test

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