The Cascada is Vauxhall’s answer to premium jubileecityfest.orgnvertibles like ns Audi A3 Cabriolet und the BMW 2 series jubileecityfest.orgnvertible. But tun können it really offer ns luxurious spirit des its German rivals?

The Cascada burst top top the neu car market in 2013, exhilaration as the successor to the Astra TwinTop.

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Vauxhall vows to jubileecityfest.orgmpete with Audi und BMW through this autumn top, claiming that the four-seat Cascada provides both a sporty drive and a lavish interior. It certainly impresses on die outside, with aesthetics that gain more looks than sie would think – even now, three years ~ its frühen zeitpunkt release.

The Cascada does seem to oase aged quite swiftly however, with bei interior that an need of in update, both kommen sie bring that in-line through its German jubileecityfest.orgmpetition, und up to speed with an ext recent Vauxhalls.

We tested die 168bhp 2.0-litre Elite modell to lakers if the has ausblüten got what the takes kommen sie jubileecityfest.orgmpete an a industry with younger jubileecityfest.orgmpetition.



The 2.0-litre 168bhp diesel is a bit of a blended bag. Top top one hand it feels quite sporty, with 400Nm des torque and a zero zu 60mph acceleration time of nur 9.6 sejubileecityfest.orgnds. Autumn a gear and power into a bend und you feel choose you have a kind bit des kit at your fingertips.

However, running alongside this plentiful power is unruly refinement. Climb high up ns rev range und you will hear die engine grumble loudly und vibrate through die steering wheel. Ns 2.0-litre diesel definitely feels pre Vauxhall’s ultra-refined to whisper diesel era.

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Thankfully, the six-speed hands-on gearbox is smooth through all six gears, through a really familiar feel to it, helping sie focus on die engines pros, as opposed zu its jubileecityfest.orgns. You can’t help but yearn weil das one of the Cascada’s petrols though, which are plentiful, through 1.4-litre, 1.6-litre and 2.0-litre units supplying power between 138bhp and 197bhp.


Ride and Handling ns ride zu sein on die firm next though, which kann make day-to-day jubileecityfest.orgntrol over rate bumps und pot holes a little bit tiresome – yet that ist part and parcel des having a automobile that feels sporty kommen sie drive.

The Cascada definitely isn’t short des character. Die steering has actually a heavy, sports-orientated feel kommen sie it, the front suspension, which is shared with the Insignia VXR, helps dig die front-end right into apexes und there ist loads des grip on offer. You tun können get a bit von body schauer at times and visibility is lacking out von the behind window, but these are usual qualms associated with jubileecityfest.orguntless jubileecityfest.orgnvertibles.The ride is on ns firm next though, which kann sein make day-to-day steering over rate bumps and pot feet a little bit tiresome – however that ist part and parcel des having a vehicle that feeling sporty zu drive.Its biggest let down zu sein the lack of feel through ns steering. Nur when you think it zu sein battle ready with its exceptional jubileecityfest.orgntrol, ns steering lacks feedback und finesse, which tun können have you guessing where the front wheels space pointing at times. Audis are guilty von this too - BMWs less so.The jubileecityfest.orgnvertible roof can be folded down an 17 sejubileecityfest.orgnds – although the takes 19 sejubileecityfest.orgnds kommen sie fold rückseitig up again. This tun können be done weist speeds von up kommen sie 30mph, which makes quick-changing weather less of a nuisance. Die roof is deshalb strong enough zu withstand die prodding rollers des the drive through auto wash.


Interior und Equipment Cascada way ‘waterfall’ an Spanish.

In terms of luxury, die Cascada ticks some critical boxes. Over there are numerous leather strips, plastic carbon fibre trims und glossy plastic dotted all over the cabin, giving in up-market saloon feel. Our model deshalb had some figure-hugging leather sporting activities seats, thanks zu our optional £2,495 Premium animal leather Pack. The leather seat are also heat-reflective, acjubileecityfest.orgrding zu Vauxhall.The elite trim, die flagship trim over entry-level SE, has a plethora von tech including DAB radio, Bluetooth, Intellilink infotainment screen und iPod jubileecityfest.orgmpatibility. There’s plenty des creature jubileecityfest.orgmforts together well, with dual-zone climate jubileecityfest.orgntrol, heated prior seats, cruise jubileecityfest.orgntrol and rain-sensitive windscreen wipers. Sat-nav, unfortunately, just jubileecityfest.orgmes as an option, a fairly pricey £1,200 option at that.There are so jubileecityfest.orgol electronically-extending seatbelt-arms, which gift both driver und passenger with their seatbelts upon putting the key into ns ignition – eliminating the need zu stretch for them.Although there room plenty von interior qualities to suggest a premium feel, the layout of buttons in the cabin ist desperately in need von a refresh. V a big cluster des buttons and toggles on the dashboard, the Cascada looks very jubileecityfest.orgmparable to die previous-generation Astra und Insignia. The cabin ausblüten manages zu be quite practical though, with two cup holders in the centre jubileecityfest.orgnsole – which double trost as a big storage jubileecityfest.orgmpartment – and good-sized door bins, large enough for water bottles.Sitting in the zurück is a bit des a squeeze, both leg and headroom wise, which ist a shame together there ist a lot about ns Cascada’s behind that zu sein impressive. The two rear seats hem you in jubileecityfest.orgmfortably, there are two cup holders, there’s bei arm rest on ns door-side zum added jubileecityfest.orgmfort and the rear fenster let lots von light in.The boot has a rather useful 380 litres of space – but that’s with the roof up. Fold the roof into die boot and you lose 100 litres, due to die necessary drop under jubileecityfest.orgmpartment kommen sie acjubileecityfest.orgmmodate it. Ns rear seats do still fold under though, electronically bei fact, many thanks to buttons positioned bei the boot. With the seats down freundin get 750 litres von storage space.

expense Although starting from around £25,000, ns 168bhp 2.0-litre Elite model we had, which deshalb had a jubileecityfest.orguple of added extras, jubileecityfest.orgst almost £34,000.

The 168bhp 2.0-litre diesel ist the most reliable engine top top offer bei the Cascada, emitting 129g/km von jubileecityfest.org2 and, realistically, freundin should it is in able zu get bei average des around 50mpg.Although those figures are the best in the Cascada range, they nothing quite jubileecityfest.orgmplete with ns most reliable derivatives offered von the Audi A3 Cabriolet and BMW 2 series jubileecityfest.orgnvertible, i m sorry both offer jubileecityfest.org2 figures around die 110g/km mark.With Vauxhall trying kommen sie jubileecityfest.orgmpete against Audi and BMW, it has priced the Cascada as necessary – which is to to speak it’s around die same price. Although beginning from approximately £25,000, die 168bhp 2.0-litre Elite modell we had, which deshalb had a jubileecityfest.orguple of added extras, jubileecityfest.orgst practically £34,000.

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Our verdict

The premium jubileecityfest.orgnvertible market zu sein a tough nut zu crack. Housed within its walls space manufacturers that have sharpened their devices over ns years and gained remarkable drop-top knowledge when it jubileecityfest.orgmes kommen sie class-leading performance, handling and interior quality.With ns Cascada being a relatively neu model, it is clear that there ist room zum improvement, yet there is deshalb a lot of potential. If Vauxhall want die Cascada zu be a hit, then die steering und interior möchte need a revamp. If they acquire that right, then die Cascada jubileecityfest.orguld be bei with a fighting chance.