Once upon a time in hollywood trailer

We"ll soon be able zu return to the world of Quentin Tarantino"s most recent film with the Once top top a Time bei Hollywood novel. Tarantino penned die book himself, and it"s set zu expand on Hollywood with new scenes and storylines notfall glimpsed in the theatrical cut of the film. A new Once ~ above a Time in Hollywood novel trailer has arrived to Übertreibung up the book, and it"s loaded with neu footage the ended up on the cutting room floor, including neu scenes through Damon Herriman"s charles Manson and Julia Butters as son actor Trudi Fraser. 

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Once upon a Time in Hollywood is a lang movie – that clocks in at 161 minutes. But it could"ve been even longer – und I"d be perfectly happy with that. It"s die type des hangout movie where, if it lasted 10 hours, I"d be perfectly happy to sit and watch it zum 10 hours. One day, Once ~ above a Time in Hollywood might follow bei the footsteps von another lengthy Quentin Tarantino movie – The Hateful Eight. Tarantino recut the anti-Western into a Netflix miniseries, complete with new footage, and he"s said he might do the same thing for Hollywood.

"On die other hand, i look at series whereby you kann spend an ext time top top characters and story und explore much more angles you don"t constantly get zu do in films. So much of these films end up on ns cutting room floor due to the fact that they just don"t fit bei that box," stern Brad Pitt said when the film hit theaters. "That"s why ich think it"s exciting that Tarantino take it Hateful Eight und ostensibly repurposed it as a -part series. It"s almost ns best des both worlds: You oase the cinema endure that exists, however you kann sein actually put an ext content in the collection format."

Whether or notfall Tarantino wollen actually acquire around zu doing this remains uncertain – Tarantino ist the type von creative person who zu sein constantly obtaining attached kommen sie projects, only weil das those projects kommen sie never materialize (remember wie he was going kommen sie make an R-rated Star Trek movie?). But while we wait zum that, we"ll soon have the next best thing: a novelization von the film written by Tarantino himself.

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The Once ~ above a Time in Hollywood book both adapts the events of the film und expands ~ above them, und this neu trailer highlights the "new scenes" angle über showcasing a ton of footage that didn"t make it into ns final film. There"s more stuff right here with charles Manson, as played by Damon Herriman. There"s deshalb a phone call betwee Leonardo DiCaprio"s rick Dalton und the scene-stealing julia Butters together Trudi Fraser, ns child actor rick meets on the set of Western television collection Lancer. There"s deshalb more footage des Brad Pitt"s cliff Booth und Margot Robbie"s Sharon Tate.

"I think if you"re a fan of the movie, ich think you möchte get a kick out von reading die book, and exploring ns characters further und deeper, and learning secrets that freundin didn"t know, und were not bei the movie," Tarantino said. "It"s not just me taking die screenplay and then break it down an a novelistic form. I retold die story together a novel. Dafür it"s notfall like, "Oh, okay, fine he obviously had a few scenes left over, deswegen he nur took the screenplay und novelized it and threw in a few extra scenes." It was a complete rethinking of the whole story und not just a inventory as far as throwing part scenes that were left out von the modifying room. But i did deshalb much research."