Notebook Bis 400 Euro Testsieger 2017

Many von the finest 13-inch laptop computers are an effective enough to make our finest laptops or finest Ultrabooks lists.(Image credit: Future)
As portable as the best 13-inch laptops are, they’re so surprisingly powerful. Thanks zu all the progress manufacturers oase made on die internals, many des these devices tun können compete v some of the finest laptops the end there through 15-inch or 17-inch options. Even if you’re tackling more intensive procedures like photograph or video editing, these diminutive beasts möchte get freundin through your workload without sacrificing their thin and light form factor.

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One von the element examples von this deadly combination von power und portability is the MacBook air (M1, 2020), in incredibly thin 13-inch notebook that tun können easily handhaben some gaming and light video editing. This combination ist perfect weil das college students and professionals that need great performance but ist easy zu carry.

If sie require a machine that’s both portable und powerful, especially this zurück to college season, die best 13-inch laptops of 2021 are worth checking out. Here are our oberteil picks, alongside our preis comparison tool so that sie might discover some money-saving laptop deals while you’re perusing.

Screen: 13.3-inch diagonal line BrightView führen zu FHD, 400 nits – 13.3-inch diagonal BrightView led 4K UHD HDR-400 550 nits

The second-generation HP elite Dragonfly ups ns ante in the finest 13-inch laptops game. HP’s impressive unternehmen laptop is rückseitig with its smart design, great battery life, und 2-in-1 prowess. Des course, it’s more powerful jetzt than it’s ever been, touting 11th-gen Intel core chips, Intel iris Xe graphics, and now a 4K display, upgrading indigenous its previous full HD models. There’s a lot to love here, und it might nur be as close to being die perfect business laptop as any kind of manufacturer can get. If you kann sein afford it. However, together it ist meant zum professionals, it’s definitely worth the investment.

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While sich entschuldigen blew united state away with the new MacBook waiting (above), arch rival Microsoft has deshalb impressed us through its neu Surface Laptop 4. Similar to previous surface devices, develop quality und design zu sein absolutely top-notch here, and its gorgeous PixelSense touchscreen really sets that apart from the competition (a touchscreen ist something we"ve however to seen on in Apple laptop, together Microsoft likes to remind us). It also comes with a brilliant keyboard that"s a joy kommen sie type on, und some pretty an excellent specs as well, which ensures that windows 10, and all her favorite apps, run extremely well. Battery life is so very superior – lasting over 13 hours in our experiment – und the price is impressively competitive together well.

If the Asus ZenBook 13’s highlight OLED display, with its bright, well-off colors, doesn’t make a convert out von you, then probably its incredibly long battery life will. This 13-inch notebook has a gewächs going zum it. It’s powerful enough to handle most von your day-to-day tasks, even if die graphical performance is somewhat underwhelming, particularly wie man compared kommen sie Intel’s iris Xe. There’s, surprisingly, so no headphone jack or Thunderbolt 4 support. But, if you kann sein live with those shortcomings, this diminutive portable is a multi-tasking champ that möchte get you through a totality day’s worth des work top top a einzel charge.

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The samsung Galaxy Book zum may not be reinventing the wheel but that’s okay. It’s a great, if rather unexciting, 13-inch portable the rivals ns MacBook in a gewächs of ways. It’s not only an extremely light und provides good day-to-day performance, however has the kind of battery life many other laptops aspire to, make this the idealogen kind von laptop to take on ns road. On top of that, it’s a fully featured device that integrates well with samsung devices, together as die company’s smartphones for an Apple-like ecosystem.

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Screen: 13.3-inch diagonal, FHD (1920 ns 1080) OLED touch – 13.3-inch diagonal, 4K UHD (3840 ns 2160) OLED touch

The flagship HP Spectre x360 (2021) ist the newest bei the flagship product line and continues the tradition of pairing elegance und premium entwurf with the newest in specs zum a 2-in-1 laptop that’s as viel substance together it is style. This gorgeous fenstern laptop comes with the neu 11th-gen Intel CPU and enough battery life zu get you through a long day hinweisen work. While that does come with a price tag zu match und its 2-in-1 factor can be bulky zum those making use von its tablet computer mode, not to cite that it kann sein get loud, it’s a stunning laptop with great performance.

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If you’ve lang been admiring Google’s premium Chromebook but ns price is holding freundin back, then you might want zu consider the new google Pixelbook walk instead. Freshly-baked von Google, this alternative to ns manufacturer’s pricey Pixelbook boasts many von its high-quality features, however without that steep preis tag – namely, in incredible battery life und that desire keyboard. If your computer use is limited to sending and responding zu emails, developing documents und excel sheets on google Docs und Sheets, and streaming movies und videos ~ work, climate this one’s a winner.

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The MacBook pro 13-inch (M1, 2020) might not oase gotten a massive entwurf overhaul, but what the lacks bei that department, it makes up weil das big time in performance und battery life. Thanks kommen sie Apple’s groundbreaking M1 chip, the neu MacBook pro 13-inch delivers great performance and exceptional battery life. Its power is dafür impressive, bei fact, the it can easily handle 4K - und even 8K - videos. If you’re looking zum a powerful laptop the keeps sachen small und lightweight, this zu sein the best 13-inch laptop money kann sein buy.

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Screen: 13.4" FHD+ (1920 ns 1200) InfinityEdge Non-Touch Anti-Glare 500-Nit – 13.4" UHD+ (3840 ns 2400) InfinityEdge Touch Anti-Reflective 500-Nit Display

At this point, us doubt that die Dell XPS line can do anything wrong. That yearly updates have consistently make it zu our best laptops list, and they’re only obtaining better. Die Dell XPS 13 (2020) is not only a gorgeous piece von kit. It also comes, as expected, with excellent performance, a stunning display and long battery life, together a few others. Much like the predecessor, it’s a pricey investment – yet that ist barely reason enough for us to discourage Ultrabook fans. This is among the best 13-inch laptops, und it’s worth every penny.

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Screen: 14” FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS, touchscreen, glossy, 400 nits –14" UHD (3840 x 2160) IPS, touchscreen, glossy, HDR 400, 500 nits

With ns Lenovo Yoga C940, the company continues with its zoll of making elegant und stunning Ultrabooks. And, don"t be thrown off von its looks, there"s plenty of power hiding inside. V a comfortable keyboard, stylus, TrueBlock Privacy Shutter und rotating soundbar, it"s rather a function rich device as well. It"s notfall perfect - the soundbar is a work in progress and the battery life might be better - however it"s a good portable that kann sein stand hoch to ns competition.

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