Museyci is not like countless other planets in No masculine Sky. Sie won’t uncover plants or animals there. Sie won’t even uncover mountains or oceans. Just an endless stretch von hexagonal metal, und giant, glowing, mechanical structures that look like cyber fungi.

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A beautiful planet, Museyci. Hello Games durch ich knew miscellaneous was nach oben the moment my zuerst scan labeling this a Planet. That und the die fact that you can see the hexagons indigenous space:

Totally normal looking world right. Hello Games über This zu sein just one of the strange “exotic biome” planets you kann sein find an No male Sky. Here’s an additional with a chilling AI-induced post-apocalypse vibe.

What occurred on this planet? Honestly, ich don’t want to know. Hello Games via

In an extremely same system, ich found in even more unsettling planet. Native space, it appeared normal, with huge blue oceans und rugged hill ranges. Instead, ich found what I kann only assume zu sein the aftermath von some horrifying, planet-wide ritual. Or possibly I’d found the graveyard of the gods.

miscellaneous seems just a little off around this planet. Hello Games via kommen sie be clear, yes sir no filter top top these images or video. This zu sein just ns way die planet looks: colorless, conserve for an eerie red irradiate coming from die sky.

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ich didn’t remain on this planet very long. Hello Games über

No male Sky generates this planets, choose all von its planets, procedurally. But it’s not entirely random how ich found these. You kann make lock a wenig easier to find with die help of some hyperdrive upgrades.

Hyperdrive upgrades

Specifically, freundin need ns Cadmium, Emeril, and Indium Hyperdrives (before ns No masculine Sky following update, this upgrades were called Warp Reactor Sigma, Tau, und Theta.) These 3 upgrades allow you to travel to rare Red, Green and Blue star systems, respectively. Planets with in “exotic biome” are much more likely to appear an these systems.

Red systems provide the smallest boost, und Indium the largest. Unfortunately, sie can’t jump right to in Indium Hyperdrive, as die resources you’ll need kommen sie build it come from the previous color of star system (i.e., freundin need Cadmium native a Red system to build in Emeril Hyperdrive, and Emeril native a Green system to build bei Indium Hyperdrive). You’ll deshalb need a few technology modules, however you kann sein buy those punkt most Galactic trade Terminals.

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ich don’t even have an Indium Hyperdrive yet! Hello Games via You’ll so need part blueprints. Ich was able to secure my Cadmium and Emeril Hyperdrive blueprints together rewards from professional Polo on die Space Anomaly. Mine Indium Blueprints come not long afterward as a reward in a random quest. Ns game ist more opaque around how you get these blueprints, dafür it might not happen ns same way zum you, but it shows up that storyline searches are ns best bet.

Remember, none von these hyperdrive upgrades guarantee that you’ll find much more exotic biomes. They just take sie to system where they’re more likely zu occur, dafür the best way to find them ist to obtain exploring!