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Stiftung warentest has vibrant tested ns pins an the ehrenvoll issue des the 2018 and an the test carcinogenic substances discovered. We nur you ns winner of the test, there is no many of the pollutants and the Flops through ingredients des concern.

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Colorful to be the prüfen pins in the case von Foundation: winner von the test with ns least amount des pollutants

The experts von Stiftung Warentest, the way looked at die Crayons top top a broad range of pollutants. Often, these space located an the Mine or in the paint. For this reason, the Foundation proposal a test: Access kommen sie non-painted pins, bei which die wood ist natural.
As die winner von the prüfung went to the "Colour grip Water-soluble colored pencils" Faber-Castell shows. The pins space mostly cost-free from contaminants (Note: 1,7). V a price of 9 euro for 12 pencils, die colored pencils space among die most expensive in the Tests. über pencil, you pay about € 0.75.The second place zu sein occupied von the "Trio Dickie coloured pencils" von Stabilo. Here die pins are also largely free from contaminants (Note: 2,1). With a price des 4 euros zum 12 pins, yet it is deshalb more expensive pens (approximately euro 0.48 per Crayon).

Well freundin must not have to it is in expensive, because on ns fourth place ist one von the ideal products des the prüfung again:
The "Kid"s World über Conner three-square-colorful" von Mäc Geiz pencils space pencils with a euro for 12 an especially favorable. You pay about 8 cents über Crayon and receive a greatly pollution-free pen (Note: 2,4).It is different because die (all-)the ideal products of the test: the "Kids pencils" of Tedi had actually a last of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHS). Including die cancer-causing naphthalene. The Crayons weil das 1 euro per 15-piece verpacktem are with the touch of a 4.7 von favor ("Poor").All the einzelheiten of the prüfung you möchte find cost-free on Test.de.

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At ns beginning of 2017, ns consumer magazine Öko-studied pins-Test Colorful. The has not examined ns pens, only zu pollutants, but deshalb to a practical prüfung subjected. So, it was examined for example, just how well die pins on die ceilings, and how easy die pens after die Paint re-sharpen.
As the winner von the test was "Crayon kids Tropicolors 2" of BIC (grade: very good) show.The second place soft perfect "ergo Crayons" indigenous Staedtler (grade: Good).All the other locations you can find cost-free top top oekotest.de und as E-Paper at ns United Kiosk.

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Guaranteed kommen sie be contaminant-free repaint digital with ns Top 100 "Paint & sign"Downloads bei CHIP.de.