Dalat hasfarm flower shop

In Phu My Hung, besides shops và services to meet essential needs, a number of fresh flower shops are opened to serve the spiritual life of residents every day.

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In addition lớn beauty decoration, fresh flowers also have a positive impact on human health and spirit. Therefore, people often use flowers to decorate the corner of the house to make it more beautiful, or lớn adorn the street corner lớn be more vivid. In Phu My Hung, residents bởi not have lớn spend time searching, but can refer to some of the following fresh flower shops:

Dalat Hafarm

109 Ton Dat Tien St., tung Phu Ward, District 7, HCMCPhone: (028) 5413 7802

Dalat Hasfarm provides all kinds of flowers from cut flowers, potted flowers lớn fresh flowers imported from the Netherlands, South Africa… For cut flowers, the cửa hàng offers more than 21 types of flowers, the most popular ones include Premium roses, carnations, auspicious flowers, hydrangeas… Each type of flower will be classified by color and characteristics for customers to lớn easily choose.Along with cut flowers, potted flowers contribute khổng lồ the difference of Dalat Hasfarm. Potted flowers will keep their freshness longer và are more diverse in style. Featured products are orchids, immortal flowers, hydrangeas, anthuriums… In addition, potted flowers such as hyacinths, dahlias, poinsettias… are also offere seasonally.For imported flowers, the main products are Ecuadorian roses và Baby flowers. There are also flowers imported from the Netherlands such as tulips, peonies, iris…; from South Africa such as chamelaucium, protea venus… Flowers are imported every day, diverse types depending on the tastes of customers. Dalat Hasfarm provides services of designing fresh flowers into bouquets, baskets, vases… for customers to give as gifts on holidays, birthdays or special anniversaries.

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Flower shop space is full of flowersFlorists design và combine flowers according khổng lồ trends and customer tastesStaff is sorting cut flowers by color

Fresh flower at Finelife Market

51A Nguyen Van Linh St., tung Phong Ward, District 7, HCMCPhone: 028 3622 7817

Entering the main gate of Finelife supermarket, residents will easily see fresh flowers stand together with green plants. Here, residents can combine going to the supermarket to lớn buy essential goods và choosing fresh flowers for decoration or as gifts. Cut flowers with many types and colors to lớn serve the needs of residents’ decoration are lilies, daffodils, chrysanthemums, heather flowers, begonias… Potted flowers are also quite diverse about colors, types và have sizes suitable for decoration on desks, balconies, kitchens… Some types of flower pots have many colors such as immortal flowers, chrysanthemums, anthuriums, miniature roses…

Along with fresh flowers, green plants with many sizes & types will help residents have more choices. In addition khổng lồ the decorative function, green plants placed in the trang chủ or office help filter the air effectively. For some species of plants such as sansevieria trifasciata, devils ivy, succulent lotus, schefflera arboricola… also have the effect of absorbing harmful radiation in electromagnetic waves và air.

The flower stand is located near the entrance of the supermarket Residents can choose green plants as meaningful gifts for relatives, friends and partnersBeautifully decorated potted plants

Flower Force

Flower Force in Phu My Hung

With an inviting & luxurious display, Flower Force will attract you at first glance. It’s not difficult to lớn explain because the owner of Flower Force – Mr. Luong Quoc – also the main florist, is an architect with a passion for sustainable thiết kế (Biophilic Design). In his work he always seeks to lớn explore the harmonious combination of natural beauty and architecture, which gradually led him khổng lồ his newfound passion for fresh flowers. The young architect signed up for an Industry Ready Course with Matthew Landers – a celebrated designer specializing in floral design in Australia. After a 2-years internship with Matthew, Quoc established his first florist store in Perth (Australia).“Flower Force”, the name implies “a serious obsession with flowers”. For Quoc, designing a house và a flower bouquet chia sẻ a few common things; a fierce passion alongside meticulous attention to details, creativity, as well as great use of colors and unique material selection. Residents nowadays, especially Residents in Phu My Hung, require not only the high standard on environment but also the aesthetics of lifestyle in their own home. That is why Flower Force chooses to xuất hiện a store here, to lớn service the residents’ floral needs. With a team of floral experts & skilled staff, Flower Force can confidently provide a wide range of floral services, from stunning home décor, such as vases, potted flowers, fresh bouquets, lớn customized designs for weddings, events or trang chủ decorations. Flower Force also offers private and public floristry training courses. On celebration of the Opening event, Flower Force will discount 5% of bills for all PMH residents.

In addition lớn Dalat Hasfarm, Finelife và Flower Force, residents can find other fresh flower shops in Phu My Hung, such as:

FRESH FLOWER AT CO.OPXTRA PREMIUMFloor B1 Crescent Mall, 101 Ton Dat Tien, chảy Phu Ward, District 7, HCMCPhone: (028) 5412 1416